Looking for crates? We have many different sizes of recycled crates available!  Think of all the things you can do with a recycled crate. Above ground garden, storage box, bench, toy box, the ideas are endless! Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing how we can help you!

Need a quote on pallets? We have many different sizes of pallets for sale at competitive rates! Need 10 pallets or maybe 2000, no matter how many pallets you need give us a call! We are happy to give you a quote on whatever your pallet needs may be.

Graduation party? Camping? Bonfire? Call us today for a load of firewood! We offer delivery in a convenient dump trailer, or you can bring your pick up truck to our shop. For delivery within 20 miles $50 per dump trailer load, $5 for every 5 miles after that. For pick up with a standard pick up truck $25 per load. Please call in advance so we can have your load waiting for you.

​Prices subject to change, will hold load of firewood for UPTO 24 hours. After 24 hours load is subject to be sold to different buyer. Management has right to refuse service to anyone no matter age, race, gender or ethnicity.

Commercial Pallet Recycling Inc. is dedicated to making quality recycled/refurbished  pallets and crates, even recycled lumber. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you save money. 

Need help getting rid of pallet waste? Tired of paying for expensive dumpsters and bins to get rid of old pallets? With over 30  van trailers, we offer convenient drop off and pick up at your facility. We even pay you for certain size pallets.  Give us a call today.

​​​Commercial Pallet Recycling ​We Offer Recycled  Wood Products


Have a project you want to do, but lumber prices are too high? Give us a call!  At Commercial Pallet Recycling we don't just offer  recycled pallets for sale, we also have recycled crates, lumber and firewood! We have different recycled wood products for all your projects!